Important notes for members
11. September 2016

Invitation to the 17. annual meeting of the Curculio Institute

The next annual meeting of the Curculio Institute will take place on Saturday, 29.10.2016 combined with the 59th coleopterists’ meeting at the “Landgut Burg” in Weinstadt-Beutelsbach. Beginning: 6.00 p.m., Tannenhäusle.
24. August 2016

SNUDEBILLER DVD now every 2 years!

At this place we have to point on the unanimous decision of our last membership meeting from 24.10.2015!
15. May 2016

The Macaronesian Islands – an Encyclopedia of Curculionoidea (Coleoptera)

CURCULIO-Institute - Le Charançon (ISSN 1864-0699)


Stüben, P.E.: The Macaronesian Islands – an Encyclopedia of Curculionoidea (Coleoptera). – Le Charancon: Catalogues & Keys, No. 4, Mönchengladbach: CURCULIO-Institute.
01. January 2016
New publication of the CURCULIO Institute by Peter E. Stüben
The Coleoptera of the Salvage Islands

We want to draw your attention, particularly to those interested on the biodiversity of the Atlantic Islands to a new book about the Coleoptera of the Selvage Islands, tiny islands set between Madeira Archipelago and the Canary Islands.

This new book entitled “The Coleoptera of the Salvage Islands” authored by Peter Stüben (assisted by A. Machado, P. Oromí, A. Aguiar et al) illustrates in high resolution all the currently known species of beetles with 278 colour photographs (and as supplement with a poster of all Copeloptera species). Notes on each taxon are presented, including taxonomic, ecological, distributional and other information (new description, taxonomical changes and new reports). It is a multi-language edition (English, Portuguese and German) in A4 format and 120 pages (supported by the Curculio Intsitute & Parque Natural da Madeira).
01. November 2015
​Just Published
SNUDEBILLERprint 16/2015

Studies on taxonomy, biology and ecology of Curculionoidea.
01. August 2015

Invitation to the next annual meeting of the Curculio Institute (CURCI)

The next annual meeting of the Curculio Institute (CURCI) will take place on Saturday, 24.10.2015 in connection with the meeting of the 58.
01. June 2015

Samples of Torneuma weevils

Request! Please send recent samples of Torneuma weevils, preserved in 96% ethanol, to: P.E. Stüben, Curculio-Institute, Hauweg 62, 41066 Mönchengladbach, Germany.
01. April 2014


Additionally, members of the CURCULIO Institute and authors of the SNUDEBILLER have access to many pages on our website that remain closed to other readers.
14. December 2013

15. Annual Meeting of the Curculio Institute (CURCI)

Place: Senckenberg -Deutsches Entomologisches Institut, MünchebergDate: 9.11.2013, 14.
01. August 2013

Agenda for the annual meeting of CURCI on 8.-10.11.2013

01. April 2013

Picture library – a solidarity-based project of the CURCULIO Institute

Authors of the SNUDEBILLER are not only members of the CURCULIO Institute, but they have also joined together to a solidarity from the beginning of 2013
01. February 2013

Call for articles to be published in SNUDEBILLER!

We are looking for taxonomic-systematic, biological and faunistical contributions for the new SNUDEBILLER.
01. January 2013

For members of the CURCI: We need your support...

Members of the CURCULIO Institute should pay their annual membership fee until January 20, 2013, to receive - via e-mail - the access code (password) for logging into the SNUDEBILLERonline in time.
01. December 2012

SNUDEBILLER – now available as PDF and HTML format on Internet!

With the 13. edition of the SNUDEBILLER (at the end of 2012) we finally abandon the BOOKREADER-program 6.0 (Visual Basic). Thereby and for the first time we make us independent of the original application program, system software
01. November 2012

WEEVIL NEWS was closed - SNUDEBILLER takes over

by Peter Sprick, the editor-in-chief of the WEEVIL NEWS, and Peter E. Stüben, editor-in-chief of the SNUDEBILLER
The edition of the WEEVIL NEWS is finished after 13 years (2000-2012) at the end of 2012